Forensics --> Valuations --> Corporate Finance?

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I wanted to get people's opinions on potential career progression. I'm currently an associate at a Big4 in the forensics practice. I really love some of the work, but at the same time hate some of the work (compliance, look backs, etc.). I'm considering making a switch (ideally) to TAS - Valuations after 2-3 years in forensics, and then hopefully going to industry after another 2-3 years. I'm not trying to switch to IBD or PE, but ideally a Corporate Development or FP&A role at the corporate level.

In terms of the initial switch, most people in Big4 TAS come from audit or tax. I think my experiences will be unique - my plan is to have as much forensic accounting and M&A disputes experience as possible. I have my CPA, I'm planning to the Corporate Finance Institute course (gives you an FMVA certification but I just want to show that I can model), and I know Excel, SQL, and Python. If anyone has any advice on making that initial switch, in terms of how I can make myself more competitive, that would be greatly appreciated?

Also, in terms of making the transition to industry, what are people's opinions on Corporate Development vs. FP&A? I hear that sometimes an FP&A role at the corporate level can incorporate some strategy as you move into the Manager/Director role. How do the hours compare between CD and FP&A? (I've come to learn that there's no such thing as work/life balance in Big4, so that's something important to me. I have no problem working a 60 hour week if there's a deal or a forecast needs to be submitted, but I'd more than prefer 45 hour weeks on average. You can tell me if I'm being unrealistic with the hours.)


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Dec 5, 2018