Former boss inquiring about opportunity. Don't know what to say.

Hello all!
First post on WSO here.
About me: First year VC Analyst in a boutique. Atlanta area.
Situation: Recently have a former boss inquiring me about getting her a chance in the buy side after finding out I got a position in a boutique a while after being a contractor under her. Unfortunately I wasn't needed after a month (at will state) but we are in really good terms.

She is an assistant CFO at a SMB (around 500 people), she does have a few years in IBD before but left finance for accounting working for F500, and big 4.

She strictly want to stay in Atlanta. I'm all about helping people but not sure what advice should I give her. I am only a month in my role so all I can do is to keep an eye out.

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Aug 30, 2019