Fortune 200 FP&A > Big 4 Financial/Strategy Consulting > Fortune 50 FP&A > Private Equity?

(1 year, Financial Analyst) - Worked at a Fortune 200 company after graduation in Corp. Finance (budgeting, variance analysis, forecasting etc.)

(1 year and some change, Senior Consultant) - Transitioned to a Big 4 firm, in management consulting (Financial Management/Strategy) - worked on some acquisitions and spin off's so have touched on some deal experience here.

(Currently at a Fortune 50 company, Senior Financial Analyst) - Great company, culture and pay (making over 100K in base with bonus potential) - but I am dreading the commute to work and the work is not challenging at all.

My question is to the experienced folk in the industry - what are some exit paths for someone in my shoes? I am interested in PE and have had recruiters reach out to me for a handful of PE roles, but not as many as I would like. Or are there any other exit opportunities I could be exploring?

Thank you!

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Jan 17, 2018


Feb 19, 2019

Hey Fortune200to50 -

PE may be a stretch if you're currently in an FP&A role. I think you would have found it easier to pivot into another line of work had you stayed in consulting. Outside of FP&A, sounds like your experience would best fit for Strategy. At a tech company this can be really interesting and keep you challenged, given they're smaller companies that are very hands-on and often need people that can jump into many different projects. Lot of my friends that were in iBanking/PE and decided they wanted to take it easier, went into Finance/Strategy at tech companies and they get to do a little of everything, get paid really well, and love it.

I've been working in FP&A for the past 5 years (currently at JP Morgan in NYC) and looking to transition into management consulting myself. Went to school in LA and worked in SF as well, so majority of my friends are in tech, both startups and the largest tech companies.

Would love to chat about your transition to mgmt. consulting and happy to put you in touch with others to explore your exit opportunities - feel free to shoot me a PM.


Feb 19, 2019