Fortune 200 FP&A > Big 4 Financial/Strategy Consulting > Fortune 50 FP&A > Private Equity?

(1 year, Financial Analyst) - Worked at a Fortune 200 company after graduation in Corp. Finance (budgeting, variance analysis, forecasting etc.)

(1 year and some change, Senior Consultant) - Transitioned to a Big 4 firm, in management consulting (Financial Management/Strategy) - worked on some acquisitions and spin off's so have touched on some deal experience here.

(Currently at a Fortune 50 company, Senior Financial Analyst) - Great company, culture and pay (making over 100K in base with bonus potential) - but I am dreading the commute to work and the work is not challenging at all.

My question is to the experienced folk in the industry - what are some exit paths for someone in my shoes? I am interested in PE and have had recruiters reach out to me for a handful of PE roles, but not as many as I would like. Or are there any other exit opportunities I could be exploring?

Thank you!

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Jan 17, 2018

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