Hey guys, wanted to get some advice on what I should expect for an interview for FP&A / Corporate at a big international PE firm, NY office. Most interviews I've been in are for ER so they've been more technical questions on WACC, DCF, etc.... This is my first interview for a corporate Analyst and I don't know what to expect. This is an entry level position. The description is below:

Job Description:

  • Prepare and run reports
  • Quarterly and monthly financial reports and reconciliations, budget and forecast controls
  • Analysis of trends of revenue, capex, expenses, key performance indicators, performance fees.
  • Work on the continued development and automatization of Budgeting, Financial Forecasting, Financial Reports and Modeling tools, budget/forecast processes, board meetings and internal presentations

I've only had ER experience on my resume, but have a Finance degree.

What types of questions should I expect? From my understanding most will be behavioral...


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Hi. Not sure what ER is. But they will want to hear your financial modeling experience. And ask you about forecasting how you prepared it...etc. Probably some on Excel skills and what systems you used. Be prepared to answer behavioral questions too.


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By ER I meant equity research. Most of the roles i've been looking at have been for equity research but this one is more fp&a and corporate finance. Any suggestions on what I should be looking at?


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