[FP&A] How can I make the most of my situation? Is there a downside? Is this progression normal/fast?

I started working for a somewhat large bank in FP&A, right out of college. I've been here for about 6 months now and I'd like to say I've done an exceptionally well job so far. I feel like I've really established myself as someone with incredible work ethic, initiative, and someone who's always looking to improve. This has all been echoed by my manager during several 1-on-1's and I've become an asset in several projects involving financial modeling, automation, sensitivity analysis, ad hoc, etc.

I'm not sure how normal the timeframe is, but my manager has mentioned a few times to me that he plans to start preparing me to take over a LOB after my 1 year mark. This seems awfully fast and I didn't think many people started getting into forecasting until they hit Sr Analyst. I could be wrong.

I do take it as a huge compliment and opportunity to get better, but at the same time I'm sure my employer sees a similar opportunity where they can use a low-level analyst to do Sr Analyst work. As mentioned, I've already kind of given a hard impression that I'm a bit of a workaholic.

So to narrow in on the point of this post. Is it normal to be forecasting and taking over a LOB after 1 year? Have I screwed myself by showing my "cards" (I've been told this)? How can I make the most of this situation overall?


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Nov 8, 2021 - 1:46pm

It sounds like you're doing a great job. You definitely haven't screwed yourself. I've seen analysts take more ownership forecasting at 1 year in. Usually when this happens, the analyst will be up for promotion fairly soon and the increase in responsibilities is an easy way to see if you have what it takes to move to the next step. 

You should speak with your manager and ask about the path to promotion and career advancement after you take over a LOB. At the end of the day, gaining more responsibility (and doing a good job) makes you more valuable to your employer. You just need to make sure your compensation keeps up with this. 

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Nov 11, 2021 - 7:32pm

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