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I am considering BB/EB options for Frankfurt M&A and was curios if experienced industry veterans could give some insights into which places are generally regarded well performing or struggling recently, since deal and culture transparancy is quite limited especially for EBs.

Any help is appreciated!


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Apr 16, 2019
  • GS is number one. (pretty tough but still alright culture)
  • DB used to be 1/2, not really any more and is starting to fall behind the other Americans
  • JPM/MS are of course strong but fluctuate a lot more in league tables compared to total EMEA/US (MS has a horrible culture and brutal hours, JPM a bit weird but pretty chill)
  • BAML is very good (usually 1-3 in league tables), hours are not too bad compared to others, a bit more of a "party" reputation
  • Citi is also strong with a similar M&A push as in other regions but one of the worst cultures in FFM
  • CS is all right, not on the US BB level though
  • Barclays is pretty underwhelming and UBS is really lacking deal flow given the CH presence (apparently lots of new hires though)

Regarding EBs
- Evercore, Moelis, Greenhill are shit, no other way to phrase it; PWP is much stronger in Germany despite not even having an office in FFM
- RS is probably a bit better than Lazard but both are well respected, culture at both is horrible though -> brutal hours and Lazard guys are known for doing coke


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Apr 16, 2019