Frankfurt School (Finance) vs ESCP (MIM) ? Need Urgent Help!

Hi guys,

I have been offered admission by Frankfurt School (Master of Finance) and ESCP (Grand Ecole Program). A lot of you must recommend ESCP, but let me elaborate my concerns. 

I am a 26 yo engineer, non-EU citizen, never been in finance. I want to switch to asset management, no need to be in big names. A lot of my friends find it super easy to break into finance with Frankfurt School thanks to its location and 3-day mode (study and work through out the whole program). But those from ESCP suffered from getting shitty internships and placements mainly because they are not EU citizens and Paris offers less jobs than Frankfurt. Even though ESCP is much more reputed than Frankfurt School, the experience from my non-EU friends is quite the opposite. 

My questions are: 

  1. As non-EU citizen, should I choose FS or ESCP, from your or your friends' experience ? 

  2. How hard would it be for me to break into asset management, probably quantitative investments, considering my engineer background ?

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May 8, 2021 - 5:32am

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