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So as part of an effort to source more high-quality cases, templates, modeling tests, stock pitches, etc I wanted to open up an offer to the community to see what the response would be. Here is the deal.

The WSO Video and Template Library already has a TON of high quality cases/ templates/pitches /webinars, etc -- awesome for IB, PE, HF, ER, Consulting interview prep (why we include a subscription to it as part of our interview courses).

Similar to what we do with members that contribute to the WSO Company Database, we are now offering FREE 1 year access to the WSO Video and Template library to any WSO members that submit high-quality cases/templates/pitches and/or host webinars.

The goal here is to:

  1. Accelerate the growth of the library such that it becomes an even more valuable resource
  2. Allow members that don't have the $ to spend on a subscription to still gain access to these materials
  3. Increase the flow of high-quality content to the WSO community such that we can release a lot more FREE content (these cases/pitches/templates) into the community forums regularly (for more high-quality discussions)

What is High Quality?

This is obviously somewhat subjective, but what will determine if you get free access will be whether or not we decide to include the material in the video & template library. If we include it, you're in. If we think it's a decent resource but not high enough quality we'll let you know what we think it needs before inclusion so you can modify it if you like (but no obligation).

What About Anonymity?

We have a team internally here at WSO that can help scrub the files such that any/all mention of deal names, deal teams, firms, etc are changed. We are also happy to discuss the modifications needed with you and will not release anything without your express approval.

What Are Examples of Good Submissions?

  • Private equity modeling tests or cases
  • Sample CIMs or other deal docs (purchase agreements, loan docs - all to be scrubbed)
  • IB merger models, complex revenue builds, and other unique models
  • Management consulting cases with sample solutions and explanation of how to approach case
  • HF/ER/AM pitches (debt, equity, derivatives, other) with model backups where appropriate

The above are just examples (many can be sourced from old deals or recent interview processes) - we are also open to other ideas and documents/files/templates and/or cases that you think the community might find helpful.

Please post your comments below with any thoughts or shoot me an email directly if you have a specific resource you'd like to submit. [email protected].

Thank you!