French guy in London from banking to RE

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Hi all!

Quick Summary: French, bachelor Economics & Master degree in finance French BS (Top 8 not targeted by IBs or big names).

6 mths Amundi RE Paris (Fund mngt & Investment, DCF, invest committee, global strategy, acquisition, cession, Real (90%) & Alternatives Assets (wind turbine, wine...) (10%).

6 mths French Major Bank Paris Debt Capital Market

8 mths (until July but possible to leave if a permanent is found) London German Bank DCM Syndicate

After my first experience at Amundi I was afraid of being stuck in RE and I was dreaming of IB as nobody from my school managed to find FO positions in bank but after less than 1y I really want to leave, I cannot stand banking anymore and especially the market dimension of the job. Would be glad to explain why but I don't want to be boring ahah!

1) Do you think that it is possible to find a permanent position in RE in London ? I'm targeting REPE even in a small fund.

I spoke with 2 HR on LinkedIn, one told me let's set up a call a lot of my clients will be interested and the other one told me forget RE you don't have RE degree .......

2) Is it too early to seek for a position ideally starting in September?

Thanks a lot for your returns guys!

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Feb 12, 2020


I can give you some insights about london recruitment in REPE from a french non target school (I guess we are from the same school)

Mp me

Feb 12, 2020

Amazing! PM right now ahah

Feb 12, 2020

It's bonus season in London so there'll inevitably be vacancies coming up right now

Feb 12, 2020

Thanks for your return! You mean even at a junior level? What would be the best way to get an offer? Chase some HRM / HH on Linkedin with a message ? Spam every offers I see ?

Feb 13, 2020

Any other advice??

Feb 25, 2020


Feb 25, 2020

I think the vast majority of users in the RE forum are US based. It's hard to weigh in when the job markets are so different

Feb 26, 2020