Freshman year M&A internship

Hey everyone! So for this summer I've really tried hard to look for relevant internships to put me on the right path towards my career goals. While exploring opportunities within my known contacts, I was able to come across this opportunity I have to interview for.

It is with a global entertainment and media company, that has a corporate development & strategy arm, which is focused on M&A of small to mid size companies within the same industry.

I just want to get a sense of how beneficial this internship would be for a college freshman. I feel like this is an opportunity I cannot pass up, especially since it is relevant to what I would like to do in the future.


Comments (3)

Oct 31,2016
  1. You have worked very hard to get something, and with your work you have gotten this
  2. Doesn't seem like you have another card to play
    2.1. This is normal since a IB internship on freshman year is very rare
  3. I think it's unlikely you'll find something better for this year. I think you know this in the back of your head.
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Oct 31,2016

Thanks! I know it is very unlikely I find something better for this year, and I am definitely going to take this opportunity.

Oct 31,2016