From Engineering to an Analyst Position

My background is as follows:
Electrical Engineering - University of British Columbia, 2011 (71%, 3.0ish GPA)
R&D Engineer for a startup for 2 years.
Software Engineer for a small Telecom firm ~ 1 year. [Still work here]

-> I Co-manage a non-profit focussed on street children in an African Country.
-> Recently launched a small cloud-service based startup on the side.
-> Canadian/European Passport
-> 50k USD saved up.

Goal: Analyst position at BB/HedgeFund in Europe or North America.

I am 23 years old and have worked as an engineer for close to 3 years now. I have been very active in investing since college, and have a strong interest in finance, business as well as engineering. I don't see myself as an engineer much longer, and wish to have a career were I can have more of an impact. I believe getting my foot in the door with an Analyst position open these career opportunities for me. My focus will be on analyst positions in the tech/telecom and emerging markets for a bank/hedgefund.

My ugrad gpa is horrible. I don't have enough experience for a MBA. And with my gpa I wont have a chance at any of the top/target schools.

I am considering 'fixing' my gpa by doing a Master of Engineering program. With the hope that a good GPA in my masters will give me a shot at getting into a target school for a MFE. Or perhaps a top MBA after more work experience..

For September 2014 I got into the University of Melbourne, University of Sydney and King's College London. All for a master of engineering coursework. What would be the best option out of these schools. I got dinged at all the target schools I applied to presumably because of my gpa. I am leaning towards King's College. Since there are lots of firms in London, and the degree is quant heavy with a minor in management.

I realize a Master Engineering degree from King's College might not be enough to break in. Do you think it will be a good stepping stone to get into a strong finance program (MFIN/MFE) at a target school?

What do you guys think will be the best sets of steps I could take to break into the industry? Thanks for reading..

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Jun 1, 2014 - 3:59pm

If you want to be an analyst, don't spend another 2-3 years doing a Masters of Engineering. Sounds like you're doing a round-a-bout way of breaking in. GPA shouldn't matter as much, given you're 2-3 years out working.

1. Try networking into an analyst role. Contact alumni from your school
2. Apply directly to analyst positions of interest
3. Why not apply for an MBA/MFIN/MFE directly? You managing a non-profit focused on street children = golden ticket to b-school

Jun 3, 2014 - 8:10am
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