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I am a second year IB Analyst at a European BB satellite office (think Paris, Milan, Frankfurt or Madrid) and in need of advice.

While my first year with the bank has been decent in terms of professional experience (large-cap M&A deal experience, strong client exposure and highly positive feedback), my motivation is steadily deteriorating.

Working culture is just really poor and weekends are usually considered regular working days. Seniors neither pose proper role models nor manage work efficiently (read: "why don't we reshuffle this very football field the 5th time"). At the same time, most mid-level bankers (ASO-VP) are new hires and do not match the junior pool in terms of know-how and professionalism.
Fast-track promotion and relatively generous pay are the only positive things I can think of right now.

Peculiarly, although I never really thought of staying in banking, I truly like the fundamentals of the job. I am now thinking to make the switch to private equity, however, I am not sure whether I am not giving up the leverage of the full 2-to-3 years Analyst education I can get in banking.

Basically, I am left with these options:
x Recruit for PE
x Lateral to another bank after two years
x Switch offices; London -> poor deal-flow; NY -> not beneficial for a career in Europe
x Apply for graduate degrees
x Quit now and become a scuba diving teacher

Any help / recommendation from somebody who was confronted with a similar situation is highly appreciated.


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Sep 28, 2019 - 3:41pm

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