From Outsourced CIO to Sell Side Equity Research

I am currently Interning at a reputable Outsourced CIO. I currently have a 3.4 GPA, Econ Major with some Comp Sci classes thrown int there. I am going into my Senior year at a Public Ivy (Think Michigan, UVA, UNC, Berkley, etc) . The work I am currently doing is quickly getting updated to more of the full-time Analyst jobs. Client reporting, exposure reports, Manager Research/Analysis. There is no co-investment. And that leads to my question. The model focuses on hiring managers, a fund of funds style by asset class. Since this does not include research on the direct investment side, is my experience going to be viewed as useless to ER divisions? Any advice on how I can use this Internship experience to my advantage when applying for an ER gig or am I better off spending a few years in this sector of work, getting my CFA, and then attempting to make the move? Thanks ahead of time!

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