From PM to Bond Sales pre MBA. Good or bad idea?

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So I'm currently working as a fixed income PM in the AM group of a continental Europe Bank (think BNP, Santander, ING...). I applied for the MBA in round 1 and I am waiting to see if I make it to the interview. My post MBA goal is to continue in the buy-side, moving to a larger AM company like (BlackRock, PIMCO, MFS...).

The thing is that I have the opportunity to interview with a BB for the S&T team, in a sales role. The pay increase would be considerable and the brand name way better. My idea is to stay there for a year until the MBA starts.

My question is, would this change to sales damage my chances to get interviews with the big names of Real Money during the MBA? I'm afraid a Sales role is not so technical and could be seen as a step backwards even if the company is way better.

Of course, if my MBA application is rejected, I would definetely get the interview.

Thanks in advance

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Sep 30,2016

Yes, this would be perceived as a very weird step and, thus, is likely to invite questions, at best.

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Oct 31,2016

That's what I was thinking... I'll wait to hear from the MBA school and ask for the interview if I'm rejected.
Thanks for your answer

Oct 31,2016