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Hi guys,

First of all thank you for all the topics, detailed and interesting answers you provide.

Today I was asking myself a question and rather consider my possibilities for my future. To be direct: I want to continue my career in AM banking, and I am currently in bachelor's degree in london, without pretention in a fairly good university (target). I found my internship in a large AM real estate fund as a financial analyst, and I was wondering if going to other asset classes, rather equity, was it possible? Or was it a real challenge from the Real Estate to transfer to equity AM? In order to show my interest in this track, I just added 2/3 extra curriculum related activities (CFA, investment club) but I don't know if it's enough..

Thx and have a good day !

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Jan 25, 2019 - 8:08am

Hey thomas.napolie, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot and I am sad to say, but this thread is lonely, so thought I'd post in here to try and help out. Some potential topics that might help:

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Hope that helps.

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