From Research Analyst (Consulting) to Equity Research

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I just finished my Masters in Finance and I have been looking out for open Positions in Equity Research with unfortunately no success so far :/ I did my internships in M&A and wanted to move on to Equity Research. I had one Interview with Credit Suisse but they told me they took their intern for their open position. Great!

Anyways I have an interview next week with a strategy consulting firm (booz&co) as a Research Analyst. My question now is, how does the Research Analyst job differs from an Equity Research Analyst and would I get into the wrong direction if I would like to get in the long run into Equity Research? I know IBankers and Consultants don't like each other that much. So what would be the advice that u guys have for me?

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Dec 8, 2012

I would also like to know how research analyst in consulting differ with ER in terms of job.