From sell-side capital markets (HY debt/structured finance) to Credit HF

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Hi all!

I'm from an emerging market, 30 years old, and worked for almost 5,5 years in the capital markets team of an investment boutique. The deals were structuring of high yield debt securities for distressed or middle market companies (usually with complex guarantees, credit enhacements etc.), and a lot of asset backed securities. My job was to execute the deal from the beginning to the end.

After that (1,5 years until now) I joined the capital markets team of another investment boutique (very similar to the previous one). But now I'm a credit research associate, and my job is to do thorough credit analysis of non-investment grade companies and help the partners in the internal approval process for new deals. I'm thinking about going to the buy-side for a while, and my current job made made me decide to pursue a job in a credit hedge fund (high yield, distressed, structured products).

On my previous jobs I could develop very good complex financial modelling skills. I'm currently preparing myself to apply for a Full Time MBA this year (Europe or US) and my goal is to work in a bigger and more developed market (US or UK).

Do you think this is a reasonable path to pursue? What do you think I can do to improve my chances?

Thank you in advance!

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Jan 30, 2018