From Top AM to L/S Equity HF?

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I'm a 1st year (primarily Sales-) Analyst at a top AM (in terms of AuM and prestige) looking to move into a L/S equity HF within 1-2 years. I've got some exposure to corporate finance through internships but still feel I'd lack behind individuals with IB experience in terms of company-level modeling skills. I could take two approaches, (i) either switch firm (switching division internally does not seem to be an option for the moment being) to Equity Research e.g. on the sell-side or (ii) get straight in (I previously had interviews with a top L/S Equity fund, so I know getting through the door is possible). What should my approach be? And is there any general advice/thoughts?

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Oct 8, 2017

somewhat similar situation, from what I've deduced on this forum so far though is that sales -> ER is very difficult internally and would probably be totally impossible to go from sales -> a research role in a HF.

Oct 8, 2017

Very true. Although, I think it should be possible given that I'm a relatively recent graduate and have internship experience in more analytical roles, e.g. from a global macro HF, no? For some background information, I also interviewed for a few HF's (think Point72, etc.) a while back before I accepted an offer in AM, though for internships, not full time. But I realize it's tough which is also the reason I'm looking for an early move.

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Oct 19, 2017
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