Front office Investment Banking for a BB bank in India vs Trading for a BB in HK

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Hey guys
So I'm doing my MBA from India's highest/second highest ranked B-school (depending on which ranking you follow). Most major BB banks come to recruit for their front office role and not the backend, but they mostly do so via the summer associate program and they hardly come for finals. I had an opportunity to intern with GS/JP/MS for the summers, but in their Mumbai office. The thing about IB in India is, there are hardly any major deals happening. Also, most of the smaller cos can hardly ever afford BB banks and often go for smaller home grown firms like JM Financial, Kotak etc. Literally, BB banks have teams the size of 15 people at max. So I doubted the quality of work I'd get during my internship and opted to intern for a BB bank in a trading role out of HK. My logic was that I do enjoy trading, following the markets and coming up with trade ideas, also, I'm pretty quantitatively inclined too. So I thought I'd do well.
But the question of exit ops is a bit more pertinent, so I've been networking a lot with alumni from my bschool, my undergrad institute, heck even my high school.
So what would be a better place to start out as post bschool, a front office Investment Banking role in a BB bank in India, a trading role in HK, a buyside role in a no name fund again in India?

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Mar 11, 2018

The exit opportunity for trading is trading.

Outside of that you have to hustle and start over to an extent.

Mar 11, 2018

But would I have the requisite experience demanded of any global IB associate/analyst if I want to switch post IB? This is because there just aren't enough deals happening in India.
Also, how difficult is it to switch to a HF post a trading stint?

Mar 11, 2018
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