Could someone assist me in identifying queues used in understanding whether a position is for Front, middle, or back office. I have applied to some Investment Analyst positions, when I receive a call from recruiters some tell me it is a back office position and some tell me front office. It is really confusing because I want to work in front office and make some $$$. I don't want to waste my time in applying and talking to recruiters placing for middle and back offices. Some job description between front and back offices are similar at times.



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From the job description does the work you will be doing sound like it will be for clients to see, or will it be for employees to see. That should be a pretty good indication.

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The only front office jobs are, simply put, revenue generating positions where you have access to clients and/or money.
Any positions used to support traders, investment advisors/analysts, or bankers, is considered middle to back-office. And there's almost no distinction between middle to back office, except for on paper, and probably only if you're the guy trying to sell someone the idea that you're in middle office so you're almost at the front.


Thanks guy!
Skinnayyy: some position state client interaction, valuation, due diligence, and support to team. Very confusing.


I am a noob! I apologize Mr. SMARTEST person on earth who has never asked a dumb question. I should take advices from you and learn how to be a dick.