FT Recruiting in Canada

Hi guys,

Can anyone shed some light on how full-time recruiting is like in Canada? For example, when does recruiting begin, what summer experiences do they look for, how many spots does each bank have, GPA cutoff, etc.?

Any help is much appreciated.


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Feb 25, 2019

Big 5 start the process around August. They typically look for people with IB or PE experience. Depending on hiring needs they are probably looking to take on 2-5 analysts.

Boutiques/Independents are much less structured and will most likely hire on an ad hoc basis. Sometimes they will post around September if someone from their summer analyst class left. It is very important you reach out and network with these banks otherwise you may not be kept in the hiring loop.

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Feb 25, 2019

Very helpful, thank you!

Feb 25, 2019

Everything I say is the 'rules of thumb' and can be broken often;

GPA cutoff: 3.5/4
Recruitment Cycle: Beginning August offers out October - November

'# of spots: 2-5+ depending on group needs & intern offer/acceptance rates

Experience looking for: Capital markets related internships, extracurriculars (finance clubs), volunteering, interests other that just IB (ie the can I work 80 hours/week with you.

Source: Non-target candidate who broke into IB w/o summer IB internship

Feb 25, 2019