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I need some insights on FT recruiting. To give a background snapshot, I have a BEng+MBA from India with around 6 years in IB (primarily in TMT and last position was VP) in debt capital market in India. Currently I am enrolled into a MFE program on the west coast and interned with a distressed debt HF in NYC this summer. I graduate at the end of this year and looking for FT thereafter.

In terms of career, my wish list is distressed securities investing and IB in that order. Now there is a definite misalignment with MFE and that career choice but I would like to leverage on my previous work experience to land that type of role.

I have been applying to IB FT associate roles at banks. For some, I could not find any direct advertisement on the careers section till now which seem surprising. My immediate questions are below but I would like to hear back from anyone who can share some overall insights and advice.

  1. What is the typical timeline for FT recruiting in big banks? Are interviews over or they are still going on?

  2. Any insights for HF recruiting? For most of the shops that I have spoken to, the verdict is they do not recruit from school while overlooking my overall experience. What would be the best way? I have been talking to PMs whenever I have had a chance. Executive search partners are of little utility right now since they are looking for people from industry only.

  3. Since I am an international applicant, I do not know too may people. While I have been trying to network with as many I can, does applying on career website ever land you any interview on its own merit?


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