Full-Time Prospects with sub-par internship experiences (Input GREATLY appreciated!)

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I'll make this brief because I really appreciate everyone taking the time to read this over.

*3.4 GPA at a target - Econ Major. Going into senior year.
* Currently a SA in a Middle Office/network support type role for a fin-tech company. I can definitely embellish this experience as a somewhat relevant finance position
*Prior experience working for the government (non-finance role) and a role working in compliance/risk for a small real estate holding firm.
*Casting a wide net and looking to break into any of the following areas - Consulting, corporate finance, IB, AM, Wealth Management, S&T, or Commercial/Retail Banking for FT recruitment this summer/fall.

My Question: Will not having front office experience working on the revenue side of a financial services or professional services firm hinder my pursuit of a FT position for a solid company in one of the aforementioned positions? I'm not a BB or bust guy, but I'd also like to be working in a capacity where I'm not just a replaceable support kind of guy whose salary will max out at 150K a year.

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Jun 21, 2017