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I'm a junior at a major target school for BB, and i'm going through on campus recruiting right now, but I'm getting worried.. haven't been doing too well on the interviews.

Do these BB mostly hire out of their summer intern class???
Do they rarely recruit on campus for Full time in the fall??

I actually have a summer internship s&t offer at another location (read: not new york) at a BB actually, so at least I will have something in the summer, but I really want to be in new york full time.

I'd really appreciate any opinions!!

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Feb 3, 2011

You're fine. Just work hard during the summer and try to network inside the bank while you work there.

Feb 3, 2011

thanks for the reply!!

ok, well the thing is, the location is not in the states, (still a big hub) but they go through a different recruiting cycle.

i heard it's much harder to be transferred to new york from a different location...im just super keen on new york.

Feb 3, 2011

It is true that it is often difficult to transfer into New York, I have a couple of friends who tried to transfer anywhere after getting FT offer from SA and they ended up taking other FT offers because the bank didnt let them transfer. Still, getting a FT offer from anywhere is the important part, it will help a lot if you want to go into FT recruiting for a different company who is in NY next year.

Feb 3, 2011