Fundamental L/S equity analyst to alphacapture product manager

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I am currently an analyst at a 200m AUM hedge fund working as a fundamental equity L/S analyst. Got an opportunity to interview for an alphacapture product manager role at one of the largest/prestigious quant HFs in the world. Would this kind of move make sense? I understand that quant HFs are what's structurally growing, but not 100% clear what the role entails.

Can anyone give me some insights?

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Jun 2, 2017

Could you say more about what the product manager role would entail?

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Jun 2, 2017

Part of the problem is that there is not much out there in terms of role description/responsibilities:
From a competitor:

"Very interesting opportunity for an experienced relationship manager to join a leading multi-strategy hedge fund with a quant-bias. You will work as part of the alpha capture (global) team, and will have primary responsibility for managing broker relationships and further monetising the alpha capture product."

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Jun 5, 2017

Sounds like an investor relations position. That's fine if that is what you are interested in doing but otherwise stay where you are at.

Jun 5, 2017

The company stated that this role is a FO role, so don't think it's a IR-related role. I think the QR at the firm create systematic trading strategies based on the alphacapture feeds and my role would be to increase the number & quality of feeds so that the fund could generate higher alpha.

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Jun 5, 2017

bump please

Jun 14, 2017

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