Fundamental roles at traditionally strong quant HF's.

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Hi everyone. I understand that hedge funds such as Citadel, DE Shaw, AQR etc. have traditionally been recognised as strong quant funds. However, I realise that they've broadened their strategies to include more fundamental roles.

What is your opinion of such roles at such funds? For example, being in a L/S role or even a Credit role? I was wondering how you think these fundamental roles at "quant" funds fare compared to other top HF's in this space? I do recognise that this might differ between funds and desks but any thoughts on the above would be really appreciated!

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Feb 28,2018

First thing you should realize is that every firm you listed above could be described as a "multi-strat" - as in, they run multiple strategies. DE Shaw and Citadel both have fundamental credit and L/S teams (Shaw even has a renewable energy investing practice). They are good. If you look up the verticals you're interested in on WSO, you should be able to find some more specific info.

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Feb 28,2018

Hey slippery. Thanks for your response and the insight. I do recognise that they are all multi-strategy and are not purely quant. I'll definitely look into the verticals to see if I can get more information on them and to look at each firms strengths.

Feb 28,2018