Quick question - what approach would you guys take when looking into company fundamentals for your own personal investing assuming lack of access to Bloomberg / ER reports etc? For the big, diversified & global companies there is an insane amount of information and for the smaller ones it seems like you really need knowledge of management to be able to gain any kind of useful / up-to-date information.

Currently my process involves reading about the company, their most recent annual report, Google searching any relevant news articles and having a look over their financials to see if theres any flags (high debt, poor / volatile earnings, weak cash flow).

Any other tips / insights?

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dial in or listen to webcasts of earnings calls via the Company's IR site. You'll get a lot more color on current trends and hear where the street is (rightly or wrongly) focusing.

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call up the company and ask to talk to somebody in IR. If its a small enough company say you are a shareholder and you could actually get someone relatively senior on the phone.


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