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I noticed prior years had some really active general b-school discussions (where everyone got in, etc.) and didn't see any here. Hoping this thread can serve as a general discussion topic for H/S/W & M7 applications from this year's round 2 (or round 1?) for those who would matriculate in 2019 and graduate in 2021. With interview invites fast on their way, I look forward to seeing everyone's results. Please try to include profile details similar to how I've done so. I'll start:

Undergrad: semi-target (~3.95/4.00 GPA)
Work Experience: Classic 2+2 -- 2 years in IB in NYC (at an EB/BB) followed by 2 years in MM PE in NYC (at time of expected matriculation)
GMAT: ~750/800
Extra-curriculars: Essentially non-existent unfortunately
Brand: Entrepreneurship (loosely)
LGBT/Diversity/Hooks: none

Harvard - Applied R2, haven't heard back yet (invites to go out 1/28 and 1/31)
Wharton - Applied R2, haven't heard back yet (invites to go out 2/7)
Booth - Applied R2, invited to interview (today)
Columbia - Applied R2, haven't heard back yet (invites to go out on rolling basis)

-Annoyed at writing more essays for Booth (they ask you to write 2 more after you get invited to interview, though at least they're shorter).
-Worried I haven't expressed my interest in Columbia well-enough
-Anyone know when someone who applied towards beginning of January can expect to be interviewed for Columbia (based on last year's trends)?
-Currently planning to only attend some of these schools if they granted me $$; job market is just too hot right now

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Jan 22, 2019

I'll chime in- applied round 1.

Undergrad: semi-target (I think...?) patriot league school, engineering major / Econ minor (~3.70/4.00 GPA)
Work Experience: 6 years in Engineering project management / design / construction
GMAT: 730
Extra-curriculars: Collegiate athlete & fraternity; extensive volunteer work at NPO after graduation that tied in well to my background
Brand: Infrastructure project development / finance / policy (for HBS/Wharton/Booth); IB for Tuck/Ross
LGBT/Diversity/Hooks: None

Applied (all round 1):
Harvard - Ding w/o interview
Wharton - Admitted
Booth - Waitlist
Tuck - Admitted
Ross - Admitted

Edit: Added length of work experience

Jan 22, 2019

MechE. thanks for chiming in. Any idea what got you there with Wharton vs. the ding at Booth, maybe the interview?

Jan 22, 2019

Honestly couldn't tell you- I thought my Booth interview was my strongest. My Wharton TBE was a little rocky (had someone who completely took over the conversation), I got my chances to speak but if you talked to me afterward I wasn't confident in my performance.

After going back through my essays once I heard results I just think the written piece of my Wharton application was stronger. At the end of the day I think it was a toss up between the two.

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Jan 23, 2019

Having worked with over 100 clients, I firmly believe that there is some gamesmanship going on by the admissions committees at different schools. Other than HBS, every school (including Stanford) tries to manage yield, so they want to be sure you will go if you are accepted. Yield for HBS is 90+%, GSB ~82%, Wharton ~70%, and CBS and MIT below that. So both CBS and MIT really manage yield hard. That is why CBS pushes early decision so much (unlike any other school) because then they get a captive group of acceptees whom they know are coming. Similarly, MIT waitlists a ton of people for the same reason. People will pull themselves off the waitlist if they are going somewhere else anyway. And if you are on the waitlist you better tell MIT you will definitely go.

As schools look to rise in the ranks, they really watch yield, so that is what is happening with Booth now. If you still want to get in, you have to make it clear to Booth you will definitely come.

While I know schools don't exchange lists of accepts, the admissions committee at all schools have a general sense of who is going to be particularly attractive at other schools. So you may not even get an interview at lower-tiered school because they know you are going to HBS or wherever.

This was the first year I ever had a client get into both HBS and GSB. (He was unbelievable.) In fact many of my HBS accepts, never even get interviews other places.

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Jan 23, 2019

Columbia does rolling admission so you can figure you will hear about an interview within 4-6 weeks. Closer to 4 the earlier you apply. After the interview, they generally get back to you in a couple of weeks.

Harold Simansky
Senior MBA Admissions Counselor
Stratus Admissions Counseling
[email protected]

If you wish to speak to me directly through a free consult click

Jan 27, 2019

Bump - HBS (most) invites going out tomorrow.

Jan 31, 2019

Undergrad: well, better skip this part.

Work Experience: 12y, mid-managing position

GMAT: 760


Booth - R2, dinged without interview. Not that i wanted to get into Booth--applied out of curiosity--but now i'm worried something is wrong with my applications/background;

Tuck - R2, interviewed on-campus, Nov'18;

Kellogg - R2, interviewed via Skype, Jan'19;

MIT Sloan Fellows - R2, interviewed in-person, Jan'19.

Have an application ready for INSEAD, Jan'20 intake. Will probably apply in R1 if Tuck/Kellogg/MIT reject me.

Feb 1, 2019

With 12 years of work experience your profile may not be the right fit for a 'regular' 2 year full-time MBA program. Hopefully you had a solid answer for 'why now?' since most of those you are competing with have 3-8 years of work experience. One challenge with having more than the average work experience is that the companies recruiting are not looking for someone with your level of experience.
MIT Sloan Fellows is probably the best 'fit' of all of the programs that you mention. I presume the outcome won't be very different next year if you were to reapply.

Here's an article that might be helpful as you consider your next steps. This was written two years ago and Tom Brady continues to defy the odds of being an outlier in terms of age in the NFL.

Good luck to you!

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Feb 1, 2019

OP - how did round 2 go for you?

Apr 23, 2019

OP - how did round 2 go for you?

Sorry I missed this. Been following your story as well, PM me

May 14, 2019

OP - how did the remaining apps go for you?

Progress is impossible without change...

May 14, 2019