Georgetown MSB vs NYU Stern?

Hello everyone! First and foremost, I cannot express how grateful I am for getting accepted into Georgetown MSB, as well as in NYU Stern- truly! However, my ambiguity is pretty obvious... I am troubled as to which one to attend. I am headed primarily on the investment banking route in finance, as it's proven to definitely be my passion. I am aware that these schools are both prestigious schools, presumably lying under the label of "target schools," thus meaning that they would both be advantageous to attend for one pursuing the IB route. In terms of financial aid, they have both offered me similar packages, so I can't really factor this in my decision. Essentially, I suppose I am seeking to know whether one would place me at a significant advantage above the other in terms of being more likely to reach this sort of career. From what I've read, Stern is better due to it being located in NY, making recruitment easier overall; simultaneously, though, I've read about the "cut-throat" culture at Stern, making it a very competitive institution. In regards to MSB, I've honestly heard a lot of positives, but obviously- at least to me- it seems not as strictly focused on paving paths for IB... if that makes sense? For those that have attended either, what were your experiences like? What would place one school above the other? What sort of advice would you have for this indecisive soul when it comes to choosing between these two?

Many thanks for taking the time to read and help me! I truly appreciate it!

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