Get Free Access To Our Private Equity Interview Course ($297 Value)

Fellow primates, as we know we're headed into recruiting season soon we would like to make an offer to help you all! You can get free access to the WSO Private Equity Interview Course by sending us modeling tests from real PE firms and/or cases you think are relevant.

EMAIL [email protected] with the subject "PE Modeling test" ... If we end up deciding to use the model/case in the course, you will get 100% free access to the course along with all of the other models!

Given that we are still in the collection phase, we don't expect this offer to last much longer since with this announcement we expect a flood of models, so please don't wait!

We expect to be able to review the models within ~1-2 weeks, however, if the flow is too heavy it may take 3+ weeks, so please be patient. We will send notice to anyone that submits a model or case if we decide to use it or not.

Our goal is to curate only the best modeling tests and cases to give students a great feel for what they may expect in an interview and help them start developing some critical technical skills...

We have received a ton of great new cases and modeling tests and that as a result, the PE Interview Course is about to get a major cases and tests are being reviewed and will start getting added within 3 weeks.

Thank you and let's do this!




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  • Analyst 2 in IB - Ind
Sep 28, 2020 - 2:37pm

Many tests that I have were shared confidentially, where I had to send an email and confirm in writing that I will not use these with the third parties. How to be about that? Thanks!


P.S. Also you said "If we decide to use your test" - does this mean that I can share 3-4 tests but still not get access to the course? I mean it is a bit weird, because I can't ask the test back I share the test but get nothing...

Sep 28, 2020 - 2:51pm

Yes, you have to trust us to give you access if we end up using any of them - we are very grateful (as our the other students) for these additions and having gone through PE interviews already we really don't gain anything by keeping you out of the course (if indeed we do end up moving fwd with any of them).

As far as what you agreed to legally, that is up to you what you feel comfortable with... but I can say we will be scrubbing these tests and cases (for any obvious ties back to funds) to make them less identifiable -- the goal here is to create the ultimate PE interview resource, not reveal specific test at specific funds (that would just hurt us since the funds would quickly replace their tests)....

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