Getting a FT job by May - Critique my plan

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Hey guys,

I'm graduating in May of 2019 - and have been searching for a full-time real estate job.

Some quick details:
- Moving to a different market right after graduation (from a smaller market --> to Toronto)
- Finance Major, 3.3 cumulative GPA, 3.6 Major GPA
- 2 real estate internships (CBRE & market research firm)

My goal:
Get a full-time job in the real estate industry in either investment sales analyst, acquisitions, debt brokerage, etc.

What my plan is: During February, the week of my spring break, I'll be flying out to Toronto for ~4 days. Prior to this, I want to set up as many coffee chats as I possibly can and cram them all in into those 4 days. Aiming for 15-30 minute chat lengths.

Right now, I'm in the process of looking up people that I want to meet with and beginning to reach out. However, I'm faced with a couple of options on how to go about this, I would love some feedback from you guys on this.

Option 1:
Reach out to industry people now by email, ask them for a phone call (remember they are across the country so can't meet them in person till Feb). Over the phone call, ask a few questions about him, the company, his role, what he thinks of X, etc. At the end of the phone call, tell him I'll be in Toronto in Feb and ask to meet for an in-person chat then.

Option 2:
Basically Option 1 but without the phone call. Cold email people I want to meet with, and in the email ask them to have a coffee chat for when I'm in Toronto in Feb.

Which one would be better? Here's another question I've been thinking about - how direct do I be about telling them I want to work in their firm? At what stage of the process do I bring this up?

Thank you very much, would love to hear any feedback or thoughts that went through your head as you read this

P.S. Been applying to open positions but no hits yet, thinking because I'm still 4 months out from being able to start.

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Jan 6, 2019


Jan 6, 2019

Option 1.

It's an opportunity for you to get to know them too and if a position within their company is even what you are looking for. Understand that a lot of firms give different responsibilities to their IS analysts, acquisitions analysts and debt analysts than another firm. By initiating a phone call as well you'll be able to see if the culture of that persons firm fits you. All of that allows you in Feb to meet the most meaningful people that align with your interests.

Jan 6, 2019

I'm kinda leaning towards Option 1 as well - it makes the most sense and more fluid of a interaction.

I have a follow up question for you, how direct do I be about wanting to work at their company? Maybe don't bring it up until I'm at a physical coffee chat with them?

Jan 7, 2019

Honestly, if you are reaching out they are very well aware. Every time I met with people when job searching they knew. I don't think you really even need to say it, if they have an open position definitely ask about it. You can even end your calls/meetings with "hey thank you for taking the time to meet with me, if anything on your team opens up please let me know" something simple like that.

Jan 7, 2019

Thats a great idea - I shouldn't push the notion of getting hired any harder then asking them to keep me updated about job openings?

Jan 7, 2019

I think option 1 is great. Doubt anyone would deny an in-person meeting if you already have them on the phone. I would frame your interaction with your contacts as networking as long as possible. Play the dumb student trying to navigate post-grad life.. folks always wanna offer their 2 cents.

If you manage to secure face-to-face meetings, talk about your past experience and how his/her job sounds right up your alley and how impressed you are with them/their company. Then towards the end of the meeting I would be direct and ask if they have anything that they know of. Even better if you have a job opportunity in mind that their company is offering. If they agree to vouch for you or put in a good word, at that point I would send over your resume.

Worst come to worst, you have an established contact who knows what you are about.

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Jan 7, 2019