getting access to "on-campus" interviewing for post-grads (enroll in ivy part-time?)

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background info, long story short...
went to non-target, did an IB internship with no-offer, graduated a year ago, interviewed/networked...did everything and nothing, ended up doing Big 4 auditing, and I'm very bored.

A friend's friend of mine who is a successful shop founder/partner gave me some advice, he basically told me to enroll in classes at any ivy school, and enroll under one of their special programs that designed for kids who need to fulfill "pre-requisites" prior to applying to grad school (particularly used for prospective-PHd guys and those who decided to want to go to med school but weren't pre-med). These programs don't really have entry requirements, because technically you are just trying to fulfill you pre-reqs.

The guy said that as long as I had a convincing story (like I thought I wanted to get a PHD, but realized that wasn't my passion...etc), that I could land something front office easily. He said the hardest part for non-targets is getting access to the right career-fairs/recruiters, especially since I have a summer experience, it will just come down to my story once I land an interview.

I was curious to know anyone who goes to an ivy league school if you could comment on exactly how on-campus recruitment works, and if you have encountered non-traditional guys during your career fair/interview process. In addition, please comment if you have any personal experience doing something of this sort.

.....I understand that this is rather non-traditional/risky endeavor, I figure I only have a couple of grand to lose. If there were masters of finance programs in the USA that had consistent placement records, I would take that route. And, I don't want to do banking when I'm 30, post-mba. There is an incredible opportunity cost of going back to school full-time for any program, not to mention the risk in this economy.

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Jul 17, 2010

Sounds like a solid idea, see if these programs actually grant you legitimate student status (and thus access to the OCR system).

OCR works by having students submit their resumes to an online job site - candidates are then invited to interviews in the career center. If they progress, subsequent interview rounds are usually in local offices.

Jul 17, 2010

There's a BB that comes to my school (a non-target, liberal arts) every year for campus recruiting. You don't just line up for this of course. Professors recommend you to apply, then if you apply and are selected, you are given a time to interview at the on campus destination they pick. Usually there's 2-3 rounds of interviews. But it all goes back to being a top student.

Jul 18, 2010