Getting an MBA when you already have a masters?

I graduated a 2.5 years ago with a Ms in RE Finance, no stellar gpa (3.4). I currently work as a Credit Analyst for a Middle Market Commercial RE Lender. I see an incredible amount of deal flow, packages and I have been involved in several transactions & closings.

I've been looking at a Professional MBA part time program from UT Dallas, its current ranking is #96. But it offers concentrations in Energy and Finance, both of which seem enticing to me.

I'm not concerned about trying to get into a top tier MBA program cause I figured I would just try to pull a high GPA from this school. Bolster my resume with an MBA and try to break into a different (but sorta related) field like something with O&G IBD? or maybe REPE? Worst case, I would be ok with a GS/MS/a life company.

Would I have a realistic shot at an associate position within IBD or PE? Even without a top tier MBA?

What other options would an MBA present me with? Personally, I like Real Estate but I wouldn't mind the challenge of learning something new.

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May 30, 2017