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Hey all,

I am a freshman at a target university and I'm currently reaching out to a whole bunch of investment banking (boutique and MM), PWM, and PE firms near my hometown. My strategy so far, specifically for boutique banks, has been to find an MD/Senior Partner on Linkedin, and then find their email, reach out, and ask to meet in person or talk over the phone. During the conversation, I generally ask about their experiences in the industry and at the end, I subtly hint that I am looking for an internship by asking something like "What could I do to put my self in the best position to get an interview?"

With folks that work at boutique banks, finding their email has been straightforward as it is almost always posted on the company website. However, I have realized that it's not always easy to get someone's email from their Linkedin profile. What should I do if this is the case? If there isn't a way to get an email, should I just send a request to connect on Linkedin with a note? I don't have Linkedin Premium so I wouldn't be able to send direct messages unless I connect with them.

Also, I have been wondering if attaching my resume would be a good idea? I've heard some people say no absolutely not, but others argue that the person you're reaching out to knows what you want so you might as well. I got a 3.65 GPA my first semester, (fuck Computer Science), and worked for a solar energy startup the summer before college.

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Dec 26, 2018 - 5:43pm

I have used RocketReach for more difficult emails and for general email/contact scouring. (I don't use social media such as LinkedIn).

Has led to multiple job offers and business relationships. Would highly recommend. Especially if someone you want to reach out to has many emails with different entities.

Dec 26, 2018 - 5:57pm

You have the correct approach, I'd keep doing exactly what you're doing. That's how I did things when I was going outbound for similar positions and I found some pretty good success. Attaching your resume is fine, agreed that people would like context and know you're not wasting their time. I'd just attach and say "I've attached a copy of my resume for your reference" at the end of your email.

To get people's emails if they're not listed on the company's website, I would just guess it. If you know what the suffix of the email is (i.e. they list their general contact email and it is [email protected]), just literally google "[email protected]", see if anything comes up, and then you know whether the format of the email is [email protected], or [email protected], etc etc.

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