Getting Hired: Arrests & Bad Credit

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What I am about to disclose publicly will make me sound like a bad and irresponsible person. Toward the end of my undergraduate years, I started to recover from depression and recklessness from alcohol and immaturity. Before that, I was arrested 10 times and suffered 5 convictions: DUI, Underage Drinking x 2, Speeding, and Eluding Police/Reckless Driving (17 yrs old) with my BMW (i.e., all misdemeanors). The other times I was arrested resulted in the charges being dropped and eligible for expungement; I also have multiple moving violations as well. During my party sexcapades declaring myself a CPA (Certified Party Animal), I managed to keep my credit score near perfect before the 2008 crash. After 2008, my credit fell into delinquency due to loss of income including high credit accounts plus a car-repo. Shortly after graduation, I went into politics. During that time, I decided to enroll into a government master's program at an Ivy League school focusing on FDI. Today, it has been over 2.5 years since my last legal episode and I have not even been cited for a traffic ticket (except parking tickets). I am toward the end of my master's program and looking to intern at a major banking institution: such as Citi, Goldman, etc. I know I am facing an uphill battle, but how likely is it for me to gain employment to pay off my debt and build a career? Is this possible or should I not even apply?

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