Getting into a FT new Analyst program from a non-target

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I am at a non-target top 15 B-school in India. I would like to enter as a new Financial Investment analyst just after my B-School with zero work experience prior to my MBA. I would give my CFA I exam in December and use it to leverage my CV. So I would like to know how do I begin to look and apply for the best possible opportunities for me including the best companies and profiles? I eventually want to enter IB/PE so I have to plan my career accordingly. After selecting a profile, I can try to gain additional knowledge about it.
Unfortunately or fortunately, I have an internship in Operations with a major Indian Conglomerate with a good project this summer. (There are valid reasons why I could get an operations internship and not finance.)
I am open to positions anywhere across the Orient, North America and Europe.

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Mar 20, 2019