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I am currently working as a residential re agent. I help manage my families residential and commercial porfolios for the past 10 years. I also help clients buy, sell residential re and help manage/lease a 10 unit multi-family for the last 5 years. I have gained all of this experience in the San Francisco Bay Area and Hong Kong.

I graduate from a average b-school in undergrad and have a sub-par 3.1 GPA.
I am also planning to take my GMAT soon.

I have been looking into a full time master in re program. I am interested in the programs in USC, Cornell, Colombia and NYU.

My end goal is to gain experience and work in repe, while also growing my own porfolio in both residential and commercial re.

So my question is how hard is it to get into these individual programs? I'm wondering if my experience will be enough? I have read through multiple forum already, but it doesnt really say what it takes to get into these programs.

Any past experiences or comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Aug 5, 2018

I have not gotten an MRED/ MSRE but plan to- so my advice is from reading and not direct experience. I also have worked as a residential broker, which seems uncommon on WSO.
I know that USC does a great job with their class profile, highly recommend checking out their MRED website and reading the bios of everyone in their class. It's an impressive group of people. Based on convos with some of those current MRED students, they say to network with professors and other people involved in the program because that weighs heavily too. If I'm not mistake, most USC MRED students have 4-8 years of experience, so your 10 years is above average.

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Aug 5, 2018

I think my experience is similar to yours. I'm just worried about the chances of getting into 1 of these programs as most people that get in have mostly CRE experience and mine is mostly residential.

Aug 5, 2018

I understand. If I recall correctly I saw someone's profile that had residential experience at USC (it's the only program I'm very familiar with).
I would try to play up any commercial experience you may have, sometimes we residential brokers come across multifamily stuff.
And score high on GMAT, network with people as much as possible, and doing your own deals is impressive to their admissions. That's the extent of my knowledge, hopefully someone else can add more info.

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Aug 5, 2018

why msre vs mba? did you consider both? @SoCalRE"

Aug 5, 2018

That's a good question. I was lurking on several people's threads who asked MSRE v MBA. I am considering both but I'm very largely skewed towards MRED/ MSRE. I work in residential brokerage to put myself through UG and am looking at an offer in Construction Management (by weird chance I got it). I got advice from a developer who I know to do construction and then learn the finance side on my own.
I want to do exclusively development, I don't have a lot of interest in REPE/ REIT. Development is a passion thing for me.

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Aug 5, 2018

Me too (RE: development being a passion thing). However, I have zero interest in working as a PM/CM at a developer, so I guess Im coming from the other side. Id prefer to work on a development team "quarterbacking" the job & financing vs. being in the field as a project manager, etc.

Ive seen a lot of people go the project manager at a GC (Turner, tishman, lendlease)-> MSRED (or even MBA) -> development route. It seems like the guys with a construction background tend to end up in a more construction related role at developers (makes sense). Also see a lot go from a finance role (in RE or general finance) -> MBA/MSRED -> Development/acquisitions. Im not really sure there is a clear best way, I guess the answer is "it depends" now that I read over some things

Aug 5, 2018

What type of CM job is it? Is it with a developer?

Aug 5, 2018
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