Getting into Investment Banking late

Hey guys,
I'm currently going into 3rd year at a nontarget Canadian university studying Finance (my school is mostly known for our accounting program & consulting exit ops). I hadn't really known what I wanted to do till this summer but want to get into IB now.

- My GPA is not competitive : currently sits at 3.1ish due to me working during the school year and partying a little too much.
- Work experience : I've worked in a customer relations roles this past school year (hotel front desk) and at a financial services firm (don't really know how to describe it - sell insurance, investment clients money into mutual funds, seg funds, GICs...). I'm also on my school's investment fund and do equity reports.

I've been looking for a job in IB, just applying for 60+ jobs to no avail (mostly in the US). I plan on applying in Canada when the recruitment cycle starts.

I am also thinking about extending university by year to recover GPA, maybe take a minor in statistics (+take coding classes) to use as a bounceboard to get a MBA or MSc at a more prominent university.

In your opinions, what would be the best path to take to hopefully break into IB? My father has contacts at RBC Dominion Securities that I may leverage for a job next summer or try to get a job in consulting so I can get a resume boost before applying for IB at the end of my 4th year.

Is it frowned upon if you apply 4th year for a summer analyst program (if you're doing 5 years)?

Any help is appreciated. Thanks