Getting into Management Consulting...what are my odds?

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Hi all,

Sounds like there are a million of these types of threads. Just looking for some honest feedback of what my chances of getting a consulting role at any firms (if any).

Graduated with degree in Economics 2008
Worked at Jr Accountant at non profit 1.5yrs
Financial Analyst in defense .5yrs
Financial/Sr Fin Analyst CPG 2yrs
Category Management CPG (past year and 2 yrs at time of graduation)
MBA UCONN (PT) concentration in Management graduating in December '13 with a GPA of 3.9

I know I don't have a top tier program under my belt (Uconn is in that top 50 level) but I feel I have a strong analytical background. Do I have any chance of getting into management consulting and if so, which firms should I target??


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Apr 22, 2013

Target tier 2 firms (not MBB), such as the Big 4's consulting groups. Could also think about finance or modeling-focused agencies like FTI.

Apr 22, 2013

Are there any specific firms that focus (or have a reputation for focusing) on the CPG industry? I'd imagine my chances would be far better there.

Apr 22, 2013

Consulting is huge, just like finance. Of course you can get into consulting, just like someone can get into finance. That doesn't mean you'll be working for Blackrock (or MBB).

Network. Ask around. Explore LinkedIn to get your resume in the system. The vast, vast majority of hires either come from on-campus recruitment or from a referral. I have a friend at Deloitte that said they've never seen anyone that got hired by just applying online without anyone on the inside going to bat for them.

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