Getting into McKinsey BTO?

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Hey guys!

I'm wondering what is optimal profile for getting into McKinsey BTO (Business Technology Office) right out of college?

Let me explain: I live in Central Europe, have a bachelor's in Electrical Engineering (lot of ICT subjects, ERP implementation internship) from the top technical university in my country, now I'm studying for my master's in Management at the same university, did a consulting internship at a Big4, had top leadership positions in a student organization, and I'm member of the university's consulting club.

McKinsey promoted 2 main recruitment events in my city: a case study competition, and a 5 day international BTO workshop. I got into the finals of the competition by doing good on the PST (around top 10%), which is great, but I'm more concerned that I was not selected for the BTO workshop based on my CV and motivation letter (I have no info on applicants/selected numbers), because I feel that if they didn't find my profile attractive now, I won't really have a chance when applying for a FT position.

So I'm really curious, what is the optimal profile for BTO applicants? Is engineering background or experience an advantage or disadvantage? Would I do better to apply with a bunch of years of industry experience?

Some country specific info:
-McK HR confirmed that they want to hire people for BTO in my city
-almost everyone does a master's right after their bachelor's, very few people have MBAs, mostly those that have it payed by MBB
-GPA is not really a thing here, higher education kinda sucks, and compaies know that, so they don't really care about your grades
Thanks for your help!