Getting out of Valuations

I came out of UG with a soft resume but was able to land at a "valuation & advisory" group (appraisals) at a CBRE, NKF, JLL in a top 5 market NYC, LA, DWF, CHI etc. I'm trying to find a way out and would appreciate anyone's opinion. Eventually, I would like to end up in REIB or REP. I just want to see if I should try to find a job that would allow me to lateral into those positions, or wait out in my current role until I can get straight into one of those roles.

Pros to this job:
I have a soft ass resume and I'm getting name brand experience
I work on Class A and Trophy buildings. Our dealflow is insane.

I'm working 70hrs+ a week for $50k. I'm lucky to leave the office by 8pm and routinely work weekends.
While I'm certainly gaining valuable skills, appraisal is not exactly "high level" skills that are easily transferable

What would you do?

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Jun 4, 2019

How long you been working there?

Jun 5, 2019

it'll be a year next month

Jun 6, 2019

I'd start transitioning out. Focus on the property's and buildings that you've helped provide valuation for. Talk about the clients. I am assuming your fairly good with Argus, hopefully Argus software certified, which is great.

You can try for the REIB's but those might be tougher. I spent a year in valuations out of school and then jumped into lending. It's been an easy transition, but I don't use Argus much anymore. I'd recommend just looking at what opportunities are available out there and make a transition. Even if it's for another year doing something, just keep finding tools to build your skillset and throw into your tool box.

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Jun 4, 2019

Get out while you still can. Pursuing the certified general/MAI path provides additional compensation but the time and effort put into achieving those designations makes it tough to move on at that point.

Also, play up the skills you are learning and the deals you are exposed to rather than framing appraisal as not "high level."

Jun 4, 2019
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