Ghosted After 2nd Superday - What Gives?

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Here's the short of it:

  • Have been in lateral hire process since February at GS/MS/JPM. Coverage banker.
  • Radio silence for a month between 1st round and superday
  • Called in for a superday - nailed the 2 hr model test (think I'm the only one who got it) and behaviorals with junior team - think I'm going to straight to offer
  • 5 or so days later, receive good news: come in to meet with a few senior members of the team for "final round". Think it's odd that there's another superday, but come in nonetheless late last week and have decent conversations that are behavioral-ish and some deal-related questions

This was last week. Fast forward to today, it's been about 5 days and radio silence. On my way out, one of the juniors on the team said expect to hear back end of last week or early this week. Followed up with him early this week and with the recruiter - radio silence.

Am I not giving it enough time? Have they really not circled up yet, or is this a ding? What's concerning is that they had been generally responsive up until this point and now go silent. Would they not even send a rejection note this deep into the process and just ghost me? Appreciate any thoughts.

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Apr 11, 2018

Honestly all of these posts have the same answer but I'm gonna answer in hopes that you share what the model entailed and what your experience level is.

Nothing you can do now to change your odds now, but I suggest calling and leaving a voicemail with the person you connected best with. Reminds them you're human and not just a number. I've done this before and it least got me the confirmation that I was looking for (rejected).

I'd wait another week or so before you call

Apr 11, 2018

Still unclear on why they would just ghost you after a 1-hr 1st round call with juniors, and 2 super days, one of which involved a model. After several check in emails. You would think for a process this intense and long (2+ months), there would be a courtesy rejection email.

I guess banks give that few fucks these days to even send you a rejection or call

Apr 11, 2018
  • rant gone.
Apr 11, 2018

Give it another couple days. I agree that it's not great that they haven't responded back but I had a situation where I met with a group and things went awesome, they even said as much as I was walking out and said they'd contact me in a few days. Didn't hear anything for a couple days, sent a followup email after they said I'd hear back then nothing for another few days and then a call out of the blue saying I was moving to the next round.

Stuff happens, they could be live on a couple big deals, have big pitches, traveling, etc. My situation was because they just didn't get time to circle up for almost a week and I ended up eventually getting an offer.

Good luck!

Apr 11, 2018