Glencore or Trafigura graduate program? (or others)

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Background: Undergrad student looking to jump into physical metals trading (main interest is in copper, zinc, lead concentrates)

Just trying to get a better understanding of the differences in the way these firms are run and, ultimately, which offers better prospects for a grad entering the space.

On the surface, it seems as if Trafigura has more opportunities for international exposure earlier on with its Global, Shanghai and Montevideo Graduate programs (willing to go anywhere). Also, my primary interest being in metals, Trafigura has a metals program starting in Geneva or Shanghai. On the flip side though, I've also read that Traf doesn't tend to make its grads traders and prefers to hire traders from elsewhere.

Glencore only has a graduate programme for oil but it seems as if Glencore makes more of its graduates traders.

Also considering roles in mining giants in logistics/commercial or the masters in Geneva route.

I was wondering if there are any people with experience on any of the grad programs or those in the industry who would be able to give some input.

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Sep 12, 2019