Global Macro HF straight from Masters with prior BB S&T Summer Internship. Feasible?

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Hi all,

First time poster here, I have been lurking on WSO for a few years now which I have found to be one of the best info sources on the indudstry.

I would have liked to get the community's point of view on my recruiting goals.
A bit of background : I have a bachelor in Maths from a University in continental Europe (well known in my country but very little to no recognition in the UK or US). I worked part time during my Bsc for an AM boutique in support functions (think technology) and will be doing a S&T summer internship at a top BB this summer in London where I will rotate on macro trading desks.
I will be doing a Masters in quantitative finance in 2018/2019 in an ivy league uni. There is a good probability that I will get a return offer after the summer internship (we were told by MDs during the insight day that 70% of interns will get offers). Therefore, I thought that if I am lucky enough to have an offer from a BB, I could have the luxury to look for a HF opportunity during my masters and try my luck as there would be little downside to doing so (only "lost" time, also I still think it would be a valuable experience).

Although I'll be doing financial maths, I am not looking to work for a pure quant HF like Two-sigma or Jane Street. First because I don't think I am good enough to compete with the best in this field, and also because I am much more interested in following macro trends, and I mostly did maths to future-proof myself. Ideally, I would like to find a macro fund where I can combine both discretionary and systematic strategies.
I know this would be a very long shot but do you guys think it is even remotely possible to pull-off ? Or should I just stay in sell-side trading (on a macro trading desk) for a few years to gain experience and try to move afterwards ?

I am kind of uneasy going full time in sell-side trading because of all the threads I read on WSO about the structural decline of this industry.

I hope I don't come across as overly naive.
Thanks in advance, I'll appreciate any insight.

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May 20, 2018

given the discretionary element highly unlikely. plenty of smart ppl with working experience hunt for the same job. I myself have and will never hire grads, bc there is plenty of talent with experience.

May 20, 2018
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