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Hey all, I am new to this area and not sure if this is the right spot to post my questions. If not please let me know the right forum I should go. Thank you!

I came accross the below JD and I am curious about what pricing analyst does and what interview questions I will get. Please share your insights thanks!

The Pricing Strategy team is a nimble team within the Global Product Group that plays a central role in cross-functional discussions involving material pricing discussions and innovative fee structures for large clients. Given the importance of pricing in the asset management industry, the Pricing team was created in 2018 and continues to play a meaningful role in key pricing discussions and building pricing processes for BlackRock.

Your Role And Impact

Our team brings discipline to pricing across BlackRock by reviewing fees based on key considerations and building processes around sophisticated pricing arrangements. We partner closely with Product Strategy and Client teams to build pricing analyses to get to the right price for strategic client negotiations. We build and socialize pricing standard methodologies based on key pricing themes with BlackRock partners. We execute on longer-term, strategic pricing projects with teams across BlackRock, and we analyze industry and firm pricing trends across business lines and asset classes.

Our team is currently based in New York but plays a global role working with key partners across teams and regions at BlackRock, including Product Strategy, Client Business, and Corporate Functions teams.

Your Responsibilities

  • Track fee discussions across the firm. Analyze and present key themes and takeaways from these discussions to internal partners
  • Build impact analyses, write memos, and create presentations for ad hoc strategic client pricing discussions
  • Collaborate with various BlackRock teams on setting up new pricing frameworks
  • Review new pricing proposals for potential knock-on effects to other parts of BlackRock's book
  • Review and modify contract language around pricing to minimize risk to BlackRock

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