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Hello everyone,

I will be graduating in December of 2019 from undergrad and am taking the GMAT tomorrow. Originally, I planned on getting a co-op and then immediately going to a MFIN program (I finish undergrad when I turn 19, so I initially thought I'd rather stay away from the "real world") , but I'm leaning more and more towards immediately going to work if I can get a job that I feel would be very beneficial to my career (and getting a paycheck would be nice). Additionally, I really want to take a break from academics (I essentially crammed my undergrad into 2 summers, 2 falls, and 1 spring) and gain more real-world experience. However, I'm confident I will get a score that gets me into the schools I want to get to, and I never want to take it again.

Lengthy explanation, but more or less when is the latest I can apply to grad school and still be able to use my GMAT? I know the GMAT expires in five years, but I'm confused on how that applies do applications, like if I apply before it expires, but their Round 1 deadline occurs after the expiration.

Thank you and looking back I really didn't need to add that first paragraph so my bad if y'all actually read that.

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Jan 9, 2019