GMAT Website Shut Down for Cheating MBAs

According to BusinessWeek current MBA students could face expulsion for using, a site that provided "live" GMAT problems for test takers starting back in 2003.

The question really is how pervasive was the cheating. Could 10 students get expelled? 20? 30?

Pretty scary thought if you are one of those offenders who was trying to gain an edge by paying $30 to this sketchy site. My guess is the fall-out won't be too large. There will probably only be a handful of students that will have used the site enough for the schools to justify taking severe action.

Either way, they don't sound too happy about it. As one director of MBA admissions pointed out, "We could do anything we wanted-from a slap on the wrist to expulsion from the program-and we'd be well within our rights."

Yikes! Over-under? I say 11 end up losing their MBA from using these "services"...

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Jun 27, 2008 - 6:04am

Did students know they were cheating or did they think they were using a prep site? Its not like they would get the same questions sense the computer adapts to your answers right?

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