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Hey everyone,
I am an MBA student at a top tier school and have just completed my first year. I want to recruit for consulting in the coming fall but am wondering what my chances are given my 2.96 GPA in the first year.
Other points on my resume are:
* State level maths olympiad prize in high school
* Top 20% of my class in undergrad
* 750 GMAT
* Part time work experience with a startup company defining its investor attraction strategy
* 5.5 years of fulltime work experience with 3 years of leadership experience of teams of 8 or more.

Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks..

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Jul 4, 2012

What is your def of "top tier school", M7?

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Jul 4, 2012

top 10-12 as per FT ranking...

Jul 4, 2012

I'm an undergrad, are MBA programs really that competitive? There aren't any mba's at my school (top 25) with less than a 4.0 gpa but anyways I think you'll be fine getting some consulting gig op. MBB might take some extra networking and luck, but I think you can get there if you spin your story well and have legitimate reasons for not having a better gpa

Jul 4, 2012

i guess your school doesn't have grade nondisclosure? yeah it's all about spin, overcame challenges, took hard classes, etc

Jul 10, 2012