Go from well-known MM ER after 2 months to new VC firm?

Hi everyone, I am using a throwaway for this post for obvious reasons....

I am trying to figure out whether I should leave a brand-name MM firm where I just started doing ER for a role in a new VC firm. Here is a quick synopsis of my background & position:

My background:
- 2 yrs exp in consulting (Tier 2 firm, slight problem with name recognition)
- PhD from top-tier school
- 2 months into MM firm ER role (well-recognized name) - would be 3 by the time I was to switch roles
- Sr. Analyst recruited me into this position and I like working with him
- End game was always to get into VC, then either stay in VC or switch to Corp Dev/Strategy (if VC could not provide the work-life balance I needed when I had a family)

New VC Associate Position:
- Fairly new VC firm, small but pretty solid team w/ good track record
- >$400M in deployable funds
- Pay would probably be significantly higher (+25-35% along w/ higher base-to-bonus ratio)
- Located in lower cost-of-living city, also my dream city to settle down in

This new position is essentially a dream spot for me but two things are holding me back. 1) I don't want to dick over the Sr. Analyst and 2) coming from a lesser known consulting firm with solid exp, I was hoping to get a brand name on my resume that would bolster my career prospects. I am not sure how much damage I am doing to my future job prospects by not having a brand-name role for a lengthy period if I had to get another job after this specific VC role ended.

Would love some perspective on this. Thank you and apologies for the lengthy post!

TLDR: working at brand-name MM ER for 2-3 months, should I switch to dream role in VC?

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Aug 16, 2018