God help me!

This post will be a very weird one--coz it's about masturbationI know jerkoff is normal and especially for those stressed person, i often heard colleagues talking about sex and jerkoff, and some of them jerk off so much. but recently i dont know why, i'm working from home and i can easily get turned on, i jerk off so many times a day,yesterday i did 4 times and today 3 times, i'm really freaked out now, what the hell happed to me? This is about work? Yes, recently i'm so stressed but is this normal? Jerk off ( turned on) because of stress? I asked a guy from a club, we often hook up for a drink and we talk many things , i asked him about this, he said he does jerk off many times but not as often as i do. He said maybe this is about my working condition or life problems, i use j/o to relax or divert my focus. I dont know it's true or not, the only thing i can be sure is that i feel so fucked up now, my life balance was ruined by this masturbation thing…gonna see a doctor this weekend, hope this can help….really feel fucked up…in case some of you wildly think…yeah..i'm gay…i jerk off not because i cannot find a gay…i can easily find a guy in HK, but i dont want to…

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Sep 20, 2021 - 9:35pm

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